Svanberg Bona Officia AB

Mölnbackagatan 7b
SE-654 24 Karlstad

Contact via e-mail
Telefon +46 703 190 989
VAT number SE-556782404901

My name is Johanna Svanberg and I’m the owner of the company Svanberg Bona Officia AB. I live in and work from Karlstad, Sweden. Below you will find a short description of my professional background.

– I have long experience from managing positions within the pulp- and paper industry (production and technology)

– I have worked with international sales of process systems and machinery for the pulp industry (based in South-East Asia 1993-1997)

– Handled environmental issues from the perspective of a producing company as well as from the industry sector (national and on EU-level)

– Board experience from the private as well the public sector

For more information download CV here (PDF).

If you wish to know more or come in contact with me please leave a message here or call me on +46 703 190 989.

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